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International standard production

Why send out a full crew and endure the cost of visas and accommodation just to conduct an interview, pick-up some extra shots or film GVs? We have internationally credited Russia-based PDs who can handle all that - and more - at the same cost as shooting locally in London or New York. We’ll even do half-days! Find out more by hitting the button below.

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma...

Winston Churchill’s infamous quote sums up the rewards and difficulties of filming in a country where the rules are constantly changing.

A simple one-stop solution...

With its bureaucracy, ever-changing regulations and vast distances, Russia can be one of the most difficult filming environments.

We bring together decades of experience of filming in Russia, an unparalleled network of contacts and immense local knowledge to make the experience of working in Russia as hassle-free as possible.

We have already filmed or set up shoots in the most inaccessible and secretive locations in the country - from Nickel Mines in the far north to forests in Krasnoyarsk to Train Locomotive Factories by the Black Sea all the way to the heart of Russian Power - the Kremlin and the Duma, seat of the elected governors.

We have built up a network of the best fixers and line producers working in Russia today, a team that has set up literally hundreds of successful shoots for the world’s most famous broadcasters in the most challenging circumstances - from war-zones to nuclear facilities to top-secret industrial facilities. A selection of our work can be seen here.

We also have peerless insider knowledge of the television and film industries, so can offer access to the best cameramen and technicians working in the country today. We guarantee quality to rival  the best DOPs working in London, New York or any other media capital. And we vouch for the expertise of sound-men and other technicians.

What we offer